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Company policy
Training of staff
Aware that the people are what makes the company, Raffmetal strongly believes in the training of its staff, focusing on the development and professional growth of its employees from the moment they join the company and for the duration of their employment.

In relation to the role of each individual, Raffmetal offers a wide variety of internal training plans, for both newly employed collaborators and senior staff, accompanying them with care as they travel an important path of personal enrichment and professional improvement.

Raffmetal is convinced that the best way to grow and achieve its increasingly ambitious aims is to focus on the potential and specific characteristics of each person: for this reason, it invests time and resources in training and the development of competences.

Raffmetal also promotes the dynamic growth of its collaborators, offering both vertical and diagonal paths, with the aim of ensuring career and knowledge opportunities, within the same company, across different sectors.

And it is only by focusing on merit that people can feel truly motivated and able to face the various challenges that today's market presents, optimistically and tenaciously.