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1st International forum “Advanced Light Material Applications in the Automotive Industry”

March 03, 2016

At Villa Baiana of Monticelli Brusati (Brescia, Italy), on the 1st  and 2nd  March 2016 was held the first international forum dedicated to the "Advanced light material applications in the automotive industry", in the presence of the world leaders of the entire automotive value chain. Among them: Daimler, BMW, FCA Teksid Aluminium, Tesla, Endurance, JLR Jaguar - Land Rover, Magna. In this prominent context, Raffmetal participated at the forefront with the intervention of Ruggero Zambelli and Piero Parona. They opened the session on March 1st presenting a paper entitled "Aluminium alloys: commitment between trends and sustainability"  and, besides discussing key aluminum trends in the automotive industry and the intrinsic peculiarities that make Aluminium the right  metal for the promotion of sustainability and circular economy, Raffmetal delegates also presented the two new alloys performed by Raffmetal. One of the them is  dedicated to the powertrain sector and the other one, with high ductility, is more suitable for structural applications. Both are the result of the new laboratory and the constant commitment to the Research & Development of Raffmetal.

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