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RAFFMETAL obtains a Gold rating from EcoVadis for its ESG sustainability practices.

May 05, 2021

Raffmetal announces that it has received a Gold Rating from EcoVadis, the leading platform for environmental, social and ethical performance assessments for global supply chains.
The rating places the company in the top 3% of companies assessed by EcoVadis, which monitors sustainability practices in 200 sectors and 160 countries on behalf of 75.000 companies.

"We are thrilled to see our ESG commitment recognised," said Roberta Niboli, CEO and operations manager “Sustainability for Raffmetal is not an abstract concept, but corresponds to concrete daily actions that reconcile economic strategies with the systemic assessment of social, energy and environmental aspects in relation to the expectations of all relevant stakeholders."
Raffmetal today is the largest European manufacturer of recycled aluminium alloys and has a production capacity of over 300,000 tonnes per year, 413 employees and two production plants in the province of Brescia.

The use of recycled aluminium, compared to primary production from bauxite, contributes significantly to the objectives of the European Green Deal by reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint.
"Our ongoing commitment to sustainability positively influences the entire value chain: thanks to our 40 years of know-how, we now also offer to the market an innovative range of primary aluminium alloys from recycling with performance equal to primary aluminium alloys produced from bauxite.
The total control of the supply chain and the application of technological solutions that are among the most advanced in the sector in the treatment and selection of scrap, in addition to strict control of the production process and continuous environmental and energy efficiency, allow us to offer high quality, circular alloys with a low carbon footprint."


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