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October 13, 2021

The award is an important recognition reserved for those Italian companies that have distinguished themselves in terms of Sustainable Development, Social Responsability and Respect fot the environment.

Through a rigorous ESG rating ( Enviromental, Social e Governance) realizized by  Altis Università Cattolica and Reprisk, Credit Suisse and Kon Group compiled the ranking of the most sustainable companies. The promoters of this first edition have selected the companies that have distinguished themselves and have been working for years for a sustainable production.

Among 350 eligible candidate companies by number of employees and turnover, 200 companies were selected, which were then subjected to an ESG questionnaire and a "one-to-one" interview.

This evaluation process led to the selection of the 100 winning companies, in which Raffmetal shine for its innovative approach to governance.

The award ceremony took place on Monday, October 11 at the East End Studios in Milan.

In the interview made by Forbes, the Technical Director Franco Franzoni notes: “ In 2013, when we embarked on the road that led us to account our actions in the sustainability report, we were aware that this strategy would have brought us added value, ahead of times.

Sustainability in terms of environmental, energy, social and governance not a cost, but an opportunity, and the changes of the last two years show that it will be increasingly so in the future".

The HSE Director, Engineer Michele Bortolami, then points out: "For us, for over 40 years, sustainability is not only about process, but also about the product."

In fact, Raffmetal the first European producer of aluminium alloys from recycling and low carbon footprint.

The experience in the treatment of scrap aluminum, combined with the best technologies available on the market today, allow us to meet the needs of several important sectors such as automotive and building. Alloys with a high percentage of recycling have the same performance as those produced by mineral extraction, but with significant environmental benefits in terms of CO2 emissions, energy savings, zero production of smelting process waste and protection of water and soil.

“One of the cornerstones of sustainability for achieving decarbonization is to maximize recycling.

More than ever before, it is very clear the European Union's dependence in sourcing foundamental raw materials such as magnesium and silicon and other important components such as semiconductors from Asian countries, particularly China.'' says Dr. Roberta Niboli, CEO Raffmetal.

"This shortage of supply of raw materials and key components, combined with rising energy costs, threatens to cripple production in the aluminum value chain, affecting sectors strategic to the European economy, such as automotive, construction and packaging.

It is therefore of utmost importance that the European Union implements industrial economic policies quickly, to decrease dependence on third countries, preserving value chains and restarting sustainable production of strategic raw materials and components in Europe that support the achievement of decarbonization."

President Orlando Niboli then concludes:

"Thanks to the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, all Italian industry will be able  to reach the important climate neutrality goals defined by the European Union and thus make Italian industrial production even more sustainable.

It's a great opportunity that must be supported by the institutions, but it needs to be implemented with less bureacraucy necessary to achieve the objectives contained in the Green Deal, which require major changes in a very short time.

For this reason it is necessary to enhance all those companies belonging to the recycling chain that produce sustainable products with a low carbon footprint.

we are very pleased to receive today's award, which demonstrates our ongoing commitment to recycling and continuous change.

We would like to dedicate it to all our employees, because it is through teamwork and their specific skills that important results are achieved."


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