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International conference on green aluminium

May 05, 2022

Raffmetal participates as an excellence case history thanks to the scientific approach adopted to the calculation of the carbon footprint.


The ecological transition is going to further highlight the top qualities of aluminium, not only from a technical and mechanical point of view, but also in terms of environmental, energy and social sustainability.

The light metal par excellence is going to be a strategic player for a green transition of the world industry strategic sectors and is going to be a model of circularity to achieve this significant industrial revolution.

In addition, recycling is going to play a key role in the future of the aluminium supply chain, as it makes it possible to cut carbon emissions, reducing electricity consumption up to 95% compared with primary aluminium from ore.

Some famous metallurgy and technology specialists are taking part in the meeting, which is coordinated by Mario Conserva, President of Metef and Mauro Cibaldi, Member of the Council of the Metallurgy sector of Confindustria Brescia, to introduce the main topics on the qualities of aluminium and its alloys as regards technological flexibility, circular economy and eco-sustainability in order to enhance its use in different applications.

Michele Bortolami, Environment and Safety Director of Raffmetal, who has been on the company’s staff since 1994, will illustrate the company's experience in calculating the carbon footprint of Raffmetal and its products with the contribution of the university.

The European regulatory framework requires a hands-on approach to climate neutrality. The Paris Agreement, the Green Deal, the Climate Act and the 'Fit for 55' packet define the directives and decarbonisation targets that Europe must achieve by 2050 in order to become the first carbon-neutral continent.

In order to achieve these targets, the EU aims to maximise the recycling rate, the use of renewable energies and continuously update its circular economy practices in order to reach zero net CO2 emissions.

The events of the last few months concerning the shortage of raw materials, the volatility of the energy market and the world's socio-political events underline the need to keep scrap within Europe's borders, as exporting scrap means to export energy.

Indeed, the European Commission wants companies to increase their scrap processing and recycling capacity within the next few years. As Asian countries hold almost all of the raw materials for mining and are rapidly developing their capacity to recycle all kinds of scrap, it is essential that the whole aluminium value chain cooperates to safeguard the entire production chain, keeping a leadership position  on the Italian and European aluminium recycling industry.

Raffmetal's speech emphasised the importance of drawing sustainability tracks based on figures and objective evaluation methods throughout a product life cycle.

Furthermore, Mr. Bortolami emphasised how the ongoing cooperation with leading university research institutes and an approach to continuous improvement in terms of environment, energy and efficiency have allowed the company to be a pioneer relating to circular economy and low carbon footprint.

The process of calculating the carbon footprint is a necessary and preparatory step to define structured climate-neutrality projects that can contribute to the achievement of the European goals.


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