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Raffmetal achieves TISAX certification and takes a decisive step towards excellence in data security

January 12, 2024

Raffmetal, Europe's leader in the production of recycled aluminium alloys, has achieved a significant milestone in the field of cyber security. 

"It is a great pride for us to announce that we have obtained the prestigious TISAX certification." Affirm, Michele Nardi and Stefano Vampini, IT Manager and Accounting Manager respectively, who have supervised the whole process. 

TISAX certification is an information security assessment and certification system designed specifically for the automotive sector. This platform is designed to facilitate the exchange of sensitive information between companies and their suppliers, while ensuring high standards of information security. 

Obtaining this certification, validated by DNV, proves that Raffmetal sticks to strict data security standards, ensuring compliance with regulations and laws on the protection of sensitive information. 

Furthermore, through regular evaluations, the company identifies and introduces measures to mitigate the associated risks by taking preventive measures to continuously improve its performance. 

"Being TISAX-certified consolidates our position as a reliable business partner in the automotive sector, opening up new opportunities and strengthening the trust of our current and future customers." claims Sales Manager Paolo Gamberini. 

This achievement comes from the collective efforts of a multidisciplinary team of highly competent IT, administrative, legal and business technicians and of all the employees who, through their commitment, have adopted best practices in information security. 

To sum up, TISAX certification assures customers that they will find in Raffmetal a reliable supplier operating within a solid regulatory and operational framework, bringing significant benefits to the supply chain in terms of credibility, reputation, regulatory compliance and effective management of information security risks. 

With the addition of this certification, Raffmetal continues to confirm its commitment to excellence and consolidate its position as a benchmark in the field of recycled aluminium alloys for the automotive industry. 

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