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Production process
Recycling represents the heart of Raffmetal production, while sustainability and excellence are the soul and principles in which the company strongly believes and that it strives to follow and promote with passion, constancy and determination throughout the whole process, conducted with the best available technologies in order to obtain a high-quality product that it entirely transformed into a resource, without leaving waste for future generations.

An advanced technological park, with innovative, cutting-edge plants, allows Raffmetal to prepare a high quality raw material for melting, recycling a wide range of aluminium scrap and also valuing other metals, such as copper, iron, brass and steel, which are given new life.

Aluminium scraps are melted in special rotary furnaces fueled with methane/oxygen burners. To minimise the metal oxidisation during the melting process, a saline mixture, acting as a coverage flow, is used to protect the aluminium from flame contact and at the same time to absorb impurities and oxides contained in the scrap. All residues from the melting process are integrally and selectively recovered to obtain metallic aluminium and a purified saline mixture, both of which can be reused in the foundry, as well as the aluminium oxides that are destined for the production of cement and bricks. In this way Raffmetal ensures 100% reuse of its residues, producing new raw materials and eliminating landfill waste disposal.

Once melted in the rotary furnace, the aluminium is moved to holding furnace. Here the metal is processed through additivisation, degasification and filtration. These important operations allow to obtain the desired chemical analysis satisfying the strict requirements that Raffmetal always strives to guarantee. The liquid metal is then directed to the continuous casting plants, from which it exits as an extremely high-quality ingot.

Advantages of continous casting: