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Research and Development for innovation

R&D is the real engine at Raffmetal, focusing on innovation for a brilliant, ethical and sustainable future.
To do so, Raffmetal concentrated on people: its team of researchers, technicians and engineers has continued to grow in recent years and, assisted by the most prestigious Universities and Research Centres in the industry, passionately dedicating itself to discover new methodologies for development and change, so as to provide its employees, the surrounding area and its commercial partners with increasingly better opportunities.

Raffmetal's R&D dpt. focuses on two main areas of growth and dedication:

- safety and the environment
- process quality and the development of new alloys

The first point aims to actualise the principles of responsibility and sustainability that are at the heart of the company, while the second one responds to the needs of clients and suppliers, to value the raw material and offer an increasingly innovative product, with increasing application and mechanical advantages, especially in terms of the mechanical properties of the alloy and the levels of oxides and non-metallic impurities.